Gerard Darel SS11

The Summer 2011 collection is rooted in the good vibes of the ’70s. The shapes give off a positive
energy, the materials flirt with exoticism and hippie chic, and happy prints pair up with effervescent colors. The collection is all about the freedom to mix pieces and follow your instincts, creating a bold look.

Safari Chic
A warm wind from afar is blowing, full of sand and sun. A wardrobe for Marrakech, in the seventies. Bohemian jet-set elegance likes rustic materials: a buttoned mid-calf cotton gabardine skirt, a bourette silk tunic, and a leather coat. The adventure continues in a safari jacket with a laced collar, cut from linen cloth that looks like raffia. The braided belt, stitched suede, fringe, and laced collar are artisanal details that draw you to faraway lands. As do the shades of ochre, saffron, cinnamon, pepper, and other spice and earth tones.

Mix-and-Match Colors
Here’s an explosive palette, with bright, bold shades. Solid clothing pieces should be considered color blocks meant to be juxtaposed: lemon-yellow flare trousers + purple suede tunic, electric blue pythonprint leather micro-skirt + orange blouse. Neutrals are indispensable: nude, white and black act as highlights, appearing as suspenders, trim, or stripes. It’s all about mixing straight lines by pairing up a top with a skirt, a sweater. The most emblematic piece is a long dress that has wide stripes juxtaposed with thin ones on the sleeves: when you move in it, perpendicular and parallel lines appear. The bottom line: strike out tradition! A very arty attitude.

White Lines
The season for white is upon us. A luminous, absolute, dazzling color. Its Hamiltonian side can be cast off through structured clothing pieces: an ultra-simple white cotton shirt; the Anna jeans, recognizable for their flared cut and big flat pockets; the buttoned trapeze skirt version. The austerity is softened by vibrating textures, like broderie anglaise or crochet work. Should you go white from head to toe? Only a little off-white leather jacket, somewhere between alabaster and chalk, can trouble the minimalist monochrome.

100% Knit
Summer-style loose-knits come in 100% cotton. Caramel, wine red, orange, mint green, nude. Solid or two-toned. Woven in Irish stitch, the mythic Marilyn sweater shifts into summer mode: here, we have the same twists on the short-sleeved crew-neck and the tank top. Crocheted, the knit is transformed into stockings, petticoats, bell-bottoms, or trapeze skirts for the greater pleasure of seventies addicts. These pieces commune with the flowing, floral crêpe de Chine petticoats, the cotton voile blouses and rustic bourette silk safari jackets.

Tides of Prints
Micro-prints are everywhere. A smock top, a Romanian blouse, a long dress are covered with hearts and especially flowers. Patterns made for skirts with flounces that sweep the ground like in the ’70s. They appear boldly on long dresses that the slightest breeze sends billowing then clinging to a woman’s curves. Here and there are delicate flounces or patches of filet lace. To break away from the clichés of Romanticism, the colors are strong, fresh and dynamic: mint green, orange, lemon yellow, glacier blue, structured by touches of black. Everything is supple and fluid, like the elastic-waist trousers inspired by harem pants. These vibrant prints can be mixed and matched without moderation
for a new Liberty of tone.


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